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Bu 486 - Case Study: F-Secure Corporation

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BU 486 MIS Projects

Case Study One Evaluation: F-Secure Corporation

Due: February 17, 2011


Answer each of the questions below. Be sure to leave the question in its place and type your response below each question. Please think critically about each question and be specific about each response. To fully develop a response to each question, I would feel as though it would take at a bare minimum one solid paragraph (if not more) for each question.

Upon completing the case study evaluation, save the file with the name: firstname_lastname_case_study_two.doc. For instance, if your name was John Doe, you would save your file as john_doe_case_study_two.doc. Upload and submit your file in Blackboard.

Your responses will be graded according to the rubric provided under the rubric link in Blackboard.


1. F-Secure created an innovative way to distribute security solution and claim market share in a crowded market. In your own words, thoughtfully consider F-Secure's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


Well-established brand name

Contracts with over 170 ISP partners, which are difficult for the ISP's to move away from

Innovative Research and Development team

Provide security's as the customer needs them and not as one whole set


Market growth dependent on new ISP's with current business model

Major portions of security market not approached

Lack of Retail market


New ISP Markets

More consumer-based marketing, which would not be dependent on ISP's

Development of securities in the newest mobile markets


Other security companies

Global technology market changing to more mobile enterprise

Staleness of ISP markets.

2. In your own words, compare and contrast F-Secure's distribution model and the model utilized by more established companies like McAfee and Symantec. Why did F-Secure have such problems gaining a foothold when using traditional means of distribution? How exactly does F-Secure's distribution model fit in the whole


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