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Gen 200 - Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper

Ann D. Waterhouse

GEN 200

April 10, 2010

Katherine Karvelas

To communicate and collaborate effectively within a group, I first need to establish the different learning styles. We have a vast array of learning styles in which everyone learns. I have chosen to discuss the following three learning styles: (a) physical, (b) visual, and (c) social.

Bodily Kinesthetic (Physical) is the use of the body, senses, touch in addition to hand gestures and body language for communication. Most people use this learning style and don’t even know that they are. I think that an effective way of communicating using bodily kinesthetic is by touch. I enjoy being able to hold the item in my hand. I use flash cards to help me memorize important information and make learning a game when I am struggling with difficult information.

Visual-Spatial (visual) is the ability to see images, pictures, colors, graphs, and the ability to organize information. People such as myself, can see an image or picture and can visualize what the possible outcome may be. A perfect example of visual spatial is clothes shopping. In addition, visual-spatial learners tend to have a good sense of direction and can find their way around easily. I think that an effective way of communicating using visual-spatial is to use slide show presentations, PowerPoint presentations, and by holding an object.

Intrapersonal (social) is the ability to communicate well with others, listen, show emotions, and have feelings. Most individuals have the above characteristics but few choose to apply their abilities to daily life. When using intrapersonal as a learning style individuals need to be willing to discuss issues and use people as a “bouncing board” to bounce thoughts and ideas of off. In addition, individuals need to see ideas from other people’s point of view. I think an effective way of communication using intrapersonal is by working with others as much as possible and taking constructive criticism.

I believe the above to be some of the most effective way for a team to collaborate and come together. Not everyone will have the same learning styles but if “we,” work together


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