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Business Communication Trends Research Paper

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Business Communication Trends Research Paper

Business communication takes place in almost every person's day to day life. Business communication is used in the conventional office setting, military, working from home, by mothers, and all over the world. When using business communication it helps to have an understanding of what needs to be communicated to get the intended message across. In this paper I will cover the role business communications play in my day-to-day activities, how it helps me manage my daily work activities, the trends I have seen in my current or previous workplaces, and the message types that result from these trends.

Being a stay at home mom requires business communications as much as any other job. On a daily basis business communications help me keep my family's finances in order, my child's daily activities planned, and deciding on which purchases I will make for the family. When it comes to paying bills I have to communicate with the companies that provide services for my family. There are times when mistakes are made on either end and I need to make phone calls or send a letter to try and figure out the problem. It is important for me to get my message and information across correctly to make sure any confusion can be cleared up. When it comes to my daughter's daily activities I spend a lot of time communicating with her play groups through email and phone. We make plans for where we are meeting, what time, who will be there, and if anyone needs to bring anything. It takes a lot clear and focused communication in order to make sure all members of the group are on the same page. With good communication we are able to give our children organized and fun play activities with other children. I also use business communication to help me make decesions on major purchases for my family. I contact the businesses for more in depth information and contact current owners for insight on the products. This type of communication helps me make the most informed decesions on items we will be spending a lot of money on.

Another area I use business communication in my daily life is school. Since I am attending only an online college all my communication in over the intranet. I have to write emails, take part in online discussion groups, and turn in assignments that communicate that I understand the material. All these forms of communication help me reach my goal of getting my college degree. I am able to manage my school work through communicating with my instructor and other students. Going to school online requires extensive communication in order to complete all assignments needed to pass the classes.

When I was in the military two trends that were always a part of the workplace were teamwork and balancing work and family. "More and more companies are getting work done through teams. Teamwork brings together people's varying


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