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Com 285 - Business Communication Trends Paper

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Business Communication Trends Paper

University of Phoenix Chicago Loop Campus

Business Communication


Kevin Williams

March 21, 2011

Business Communication Trends Paper

Business communication is essential for businesses to operate efficiently. In this paper we will discuss business communication trends and what message types resulted from these trends.

Business Communication

What is business communication? According to our text book, business communication is sharing information that is useful to your co-workers, business partners, and clients (Locker-Kienzler, 2008). Good business communication is essential to running a business efficiently. Business communication is needed to plan projects, conduct services, hire, and train, motivate employees, and manufacturing and delivery coordination.

In business different forms of communication are present and available for use. Phone or face-to-face conversations, informal meetings, presentations, emails, letters, memos, reports, blogs, text messaging, and Web sites are all forms of verbal communication. Nonverbal communication can also be of use such as pictures, computer graphics, and company logos. These forms of communication don’t use words. Another form of nonverbal communication is interpersonal nonverbal signals. These signals include the way people sit at meetings, largeness of offices, and the wait time for visitors. In business communication ability equals promotability.

Current Business Trends

In business because of ongoing technological advances, business communication trends are also advancing. Technology has dramatically changed business communication. Some of the trends will have major innovations through cell phones, landline phones, and through the Internet and Web. New technology such as “cloud computing” is a useful tool helpful in advancing business communication. “Cloud computing” is technology that is hidden behind the clouds, meaning they are invisible to the users. This technology deploys shared infrastructure environments that links together large pooled systems in private or public networks (Scudder, 2010).

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is another advancement of technology. CRM is a business communication tool which in its original form functions as a one dimensional tool with limited capabilities to interacting within backroom functions and client functions. With the introduction of CRM 2.0, this form can handle interaction with social networking sites, wikis, blogs, and community forums.



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