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Analysis Three Business Communications

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Analyzing Messages

The purpose of this paper is to analysis three business communications. Unfortunately, all my business communications with FedEx is company owned and is not to be in any way released to the public without permission. Because I may not use any of my FedEx communications, I have chosen e-mails that I have received from University of Phoenix, and and Chase Bank.

The e-mails I receive a work I cannot release but can discuss. I have many functions at work that I preform. I am the Primary Dangerous Goods specialist for my station. This means I am the main person for my station for hazardous material shipping. I am also one of the international specialists. In this role I check to make sure all paperwork for a shipment is available for customs. I have an administrative role at my station as well. Depending on role the encoder is asking to communicate with depends on how the e-mail is written.

Taking the role of Dangerous Goods Specialist, I receive many informative e-mails. This will include new procedures, to list of company that can or what type of dangerous goods can be sent. These e-mails are encoded with technical terms that dangerous goods specialist are expected to know and decode. An example is this is would be radioactive material. I received e-mails on time index or TI. This index is how much radiation a person can be exposed to over a time.

The first e-mail that I have selected is from Alicia Rouzaud, Finance Services Advisor with University of Phoenix. The purpose of this message had two reasons. The first reason was to inform me that a payment I made was received and credited to my account. The balance owed was also stated. This portion on the e-mail was intended to inform. This was to inform me that I still had 543.18 dollars to pay before the end of my class (Alicia Rouzaud, personal communication, April 6, 2011).

The second part of the first e-mail was to get me to take action. The sender wanted me to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application will determine how much financial aid I would receive. Alicia included step-by-step instructions on what material I would need to complete the form. This was taxes, driver’s licenses, and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid pin number. Alicia provided me with a web link to start the process (Alicia Rouzaud, personal communication, April 6, 2011).

The environment is in which the communication process occurs may influence the success or failure (Roebuck, 2006). The environment for this communication was timing (Roebuck, 2006). I had to make my last payment by the end of the class I was in. I also had to get the financial aid complete before I could start my next class.

Feedback was in the form of two actions on my part. The first was making the payment.


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