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Business Communications - Crisis Communication Plan : Globecell Assignment

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Business Communications

Crisis Communication Plan: Globecell Assignment

1.0 Introduction

(Task One)

2.0 Types of Business Communication

2.1 External Communications

2.2 Internal Communications

(Task Two)

3.0 Crisis Impacts

3.1 Present Image & Customer Impacts

3.2 The Business Environment & Globecell Future

(Task Three)

4.0 Online Communication Strategy

4.1 Strategy Plan

4.2 Strategy Monitoring

(Task Four)

5.0 Business Performance Review & Recommendations



1.0 Introduction

The recent issues with the launch of Globecell’s highly anticipated smartphone have caused big problems for the company’s reputation. As marketing manager of Globecell I have compiled this report for the board of directors and senior management. The report highlights how I think we should respond as well as some of the impacts it could have both on the company and its key stakeholders.

2.0 Types of Business Communication

2.1 External Communications

A press conference from a high profile figure can have a strong impact (see Figure 1). Following on from this, we can choose to take a number of paths in our communications as shown in Figure 2. Valentini and Romenti (2009) suggest in their research paper that crisis communication can take one or more of 8 forms, ranging from denial to apology. In this case I would recommend we utilise three of these forms. First and foremost, an apology is required as the situation is our fault (see Figure 3). This can be done in a press release statement from the company. Secondly, we should be providing information to the public and our stakeholders so they do not feel uninformed. This can be included in the press conference, and then regular communication can be made through a blog or social networking site which stakeholders can easily follow so they feel included in this process, as the worst form of communication is no communication at all. Rumours are also very effective, whether created internally or externally, for example shifting


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