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Bus 475 - Business Model and Strategic Plan Part 2

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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part II

Leslie Wilson


September 21, 2015

Petra Yurchich

Business Model and Strategic Plan Part II

SWOTT is an important part of evaluating the elements in both external and internal trends. In exiting business conditions firms use SWOTT to assess their marketing standing regarding share of the market, competitive edge as well as complete feasibility. SWOTT provide a company with information of their weaknesses and strengths, threats, possible opportunities, and trends. Throughout this in depth evaluation of elements you will see which factors, external and internal, have an effect on Brookdale Senior Living. Because of this evaluation, leaders of the new division at Brookdale can see the trends and establish competitive advantages.

External Environmental Analysis

        Many elements have an influence over Brookdale’s ability to accomplish its objectives as well as goals. To be successful, Brookdale will need to find out an appropriate strategy which can maintain the business anticipations in the real situations and also to keep the expectations with the provisions exterior environment can provide. The exterior factors will incorporate the legal and regulatory environment, economic trends, technology, and social trends.

Legal and regulatory

“The legal and regulatory environment plays a pivotal role in the smooth operation of the financial sector and in the efficient management and integration of capital flows and domestic savings” ("Legal & Regulatory Environment", 2008-2014).  It is so important to have the legal and regulatory factors set in place so that Brookdale will not be in risk. Legal issues are a tricky situation in the business world. Brookdale will make sure that these factors are taken care of and chose the right strategies to keep the new division in line. Although this is a small new division, it has a chance to make a world of difference in the Brookdale community and the legal issues will be handled correctly.

Economic Factors

        The expansion of the new division will be influenced with the wants, needs, and styles of the seniors. Brookdale will just need to take into account that the present economy is experiencing a downfall, market variability as well as downturns. Administration of Brookdale can set strategies after watching the economical trend and economical tendency for the future.


        The best part about the new entertainment division at Brookdale is there will not be as much technology needed for this. The main goal for this division is to get the seniors together and have them enjoy doing something they used to love to do living on their own. Arts and crafts, sewing, music, quilting, whatever it may be.


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