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Applied Business Research and Communications Skills

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Southern States University


Applied Business Research and Communications Skills


Spring Quarter, 2016

Updated: April 4, 2016

CREDIT HOURS: 4.0                                        CONTACT HOURS: 40

                                                                (40 Theory, 0 Lab)

                                                                (40 Online)

Instructor:                 Dr. Peggy Bilbruck

Email: (inquiries will be responded within 24-36 hours). For any urgent technical problems with Moodle, contact the SSU-Moodle Administrator: 

Office Hours:                 Wednesdays on Moodle from 11 – 12 pm

ONLINE TIME ESTIMATE: This course requires four (4) hours of online activities every week on Moodle plus an additional 8 hours (minimum) of homework per week.


This course provides an introduction to graduate business studies focusing on the applied business research and communication skills necessary to be successful in both an academic MBA program and the current economic environment and workplace.  It covers information literacy, research and research methodologies, oral and written communication skills as well as critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making paradigms.  As designed, the course will familiarize students with the tools necessary for the successful presentation of theories and concepts as they apply to real world managerial scenarios including business decision-making. Prerequisite: None

Prerequisite(s): None

Co-requisite(s): None

What is an Online Course?

This is an online course so we will not be meeting physically. Instead course hours will be satisfied using a variety of online synchronous and asynchronous methods.  For synchronous meeting time, we will meet online through Moodle as specified during the scheduled office hours above. For asynchronous meetings times, we will have weekly class discussions online through Moodle that you can complete at your own pace but adhering to the weekly due dates.


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