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Business Research - Etablets Vs. Books

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ETablets vs. Books


As the beginning of the school year approaches, the students, parents, and educational institutions prepare for another academic year while publishers rush to get their books in the bookstores.

The textbook market has one advantage over other markets: students are required to have the books for class. Although the used textbook market has rallied against the new, textbook revisions and additions have made it so new textbooks still get their share of the market.

It is no secret that the average college student spends an arm, a leg, and the promise of their first born child on textbooks each semester. Such expenses (and finding ways to cut them) coupled with new technologies, have opened the door to many publishers looking to cash in on the market.

Many educational institutions have already tested the usability of this new technology in classrooms, with hopes of offering students a more modern and “hands-on” method for obtaining information.

The assumptions: students are a part of the younger generation will respond better with using technology as opposed to print; eTablets will be less costly than print textbooks. If these assumptions are correct authors and publishers should consider switching to more techy methods as opposed to the print textbooks.

So, what if publishers offered such an option with print textbooks? Perhaps if a teacher was able to tailor the content added and help compose a textbook unique to their needs they would not look for new methods and print textbooks could compete with eTablets. There are publishers, such as Fountainhead Press, who customize every textbook to fit the needs of each classroom. Professors present their students with lab manuals and classroom materials that are going to be taught. In Mr. Smiths Bio Lab, students won’t be told to skip pages 29-100, or chapters


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