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Qnt 561 - Business Research Methods Part III

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Business Research Methods Part III


August 15, 2011

Statistical analysis

This survey began days after the Deepwater Horizon well was capped. This self-administered survey gave participants several options as to how to respond. First, participants were given an online access code to complete the survey. For those who were not capable of using the electronic method, a second round of mailers were distributed. For accuracy, each electronic participant was asked to list their mailing address so they could be removed from the mailer list. Participation was boosted by including incentives for the participants, which is a tactic often used by research organizations such as the Nielsen Company. Electronic participants received an access code after completion of the survey for a gift certificate of their choice and mailer participants received cash. Below is a glance at responses from within Louisiana parishes. As Team A researchers were not able to perform research themselves, all data presented will give credit to the Louisiana Bucket Brigade for their research data.

Parish Coverage Area Survey Periods Number Completed

Jefferson Grand Isle July 2010 132

Plaquemines Port Sulphur to Empire August 2010 142

Terrebonne Dulac August 2010 157

Terrebonne Cocdrie and Chauvin August 2010 92

Jefferson Lafitte September 2010 123

St. Bernard and part of Plaquemines Delacroix, Toca, Ycloskey, Shell Beach, Hopedale, Phoenix September 2010 109

Plaquemines Buras to Venice September-October 2011 199

Total People Surveyed: 954

Percent Permanent Residents: 83%

(Source: Louisiana Bucket Brigade Survey 2010)

Within the survey results, Team A found three key findings. The first and most prominent issue among participants was the amount of dissatisfaction with the cleanup efforts of local, state, and federal governments. Nearly three quarters of respondents gave a rating of 2 or lower to all entities on the Likert scale. The second finding was that nearly 44% of respondents answered that their household dynamic was greatly affected by the oil spill (Louisiana Bucket Brigade). The third key finding was the correlation between the effort from BP and the purchasing of their products. With 85% of responders answering a 2 or lower on the Likert scale in regards to whether or not BP has made the appropriate measures to prevent oil spills, it should not


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