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Theorietical Framework - Business Research

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Theoretical Framework

There are three main variables for the hypothesis: Is collaborative technology in virtual business tames a facilitator of corporate globalization. The three variables are 1) collaborative technology, 2) virtual teams, and 3) globalization. Of the three collaborative technology and virtual tames are the independent variables, and are interrelated. The dependent variable in the theoretical framework is globalization.

The scope of corporate globalization on is dependent on the collaborative technology and the effectiveness of the technology with the virtual team. As collaborative technology makes it easier for virtual teams to conduct their work, corporate globalization is facilitated. As well, when virtual teams take full advantage of collaborative technology, this allows the technology to be an enabler and promotes corporate globalization. The relationship between the effectiveness of the technology correlates with the effectiveness of the virtual team to take advantage of the different types of technology available. This mutual relationship can increase or decrease the corporate globalization footprint of the company.

Email, yahoo chat, community practice forums, SharePoint, and numerous other versions to technology allow us to be able to minimize the inconvenience of not being at a particular place at one. You can virtually attend via collaborative technology. Online schools are a prime example of a virtual team. Email, discussion boards, chat rooms, profiles, and especially the internet are all collaborative tools online schools use to confirm attendance and enable people to go to school who cannot traditionally attend class. Online institutions that take advantage of the collaborative technology are able to reach students in different cities, states, and countries. The collaborative technology has enabled the distance learning phenomenon to boom and increase the globalization of online institutions.

If virtual teams did not take advantage of the opportunity afforded by collaborative technology; then the technology would not be a facilitator. The technology would be dormant, waiting to be utilized by someone. In sum, both collaborative technology and virtual teams significantly influence corporate globalization. Figure 1 shows a schematic relationship between the three variables.

Figure 1:

Independent variables Dependent variableā€ƒ


Innovative technology stemming from the internet such as Gmail, yahoo-chat, Facebook, or SharePoint is prime examples of. These innovations are enablers to make it possible for globalization. Technology has allowed the business environment


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