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Current Business Research Project Paper

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Current Business Research Project Paper

In the following paper, the reader will find a brief synopsis of a finance research article titled “Supply Chain Finance Effectiveness Improves Supplier Relationships and Working Capital Management” (Professional Services Close-Up, December 2010). Within the paper, I will define the business research and its purpose, explain the business problems under investigation, describe the data collection methods used in the research project and, discuss the researcher’s conclusion to their research.

The type of research used is basic research. Basic research is used to identify problems in business processes and compile data to be used in solving those problems. In this scenario a survey is used identify problems with supplier relationships and working capital management within the supply chain. The survey conducted with various finance executives recognized several areas where certain problems occur and provided possible solutions to those problems.

The first business problem under investigation is working capital management. Data returned on the survey identified this as a top priority by 81 percent of respondents. The respondents felt incorrect priorities had negatively affected relationships with suppliers and those relationships are the second highest priority on the survey. Respondents in the survey suffered damaging effects such as long lead times and low material volume due to poor supplier relationships.

The type of data collection methods in this research project is a survey. A survey is a technique used to gather, in organized way, information from a sample of individuals. One begins to build information for the survey by conducting interviews and reviewing published and unpublished material from secondary sources. Once complete, the question bank is developed and a review is performed to identify and eliminate non-pertinent material. When


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