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Current Business Research Project Paper

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Current Business Research Project Paper

Numerous companies and organization utilize business research to describe or answer an organized effort to discover specific issues encountered in their organization or society with regards to their products. Research can be defined as gathering information from credible sources for the purpose of solving a problem. Sekaran (2003) states, "Research, a somewhat intimidating term for some, is simply the process of finding solutions to a problem after a thorough study and analysis of the situational factors." Business research is utilized to investigate a described problem within an organization or one that is caused by product of an organization. The following paragraphs are a synopsis of an article discussing alcohol marketing and its impact on youths. The synopsis will define the business research and its purpose, explain the business problems under investigation, describe the data collection methods utilize in the research, and finally the conclusion the researchers determined from their research.

Research and its Purpose

Alcohol marketing has become a worldwide phenomenon, and one in which a growing number of organizations are spending enormous amounts of revenue to establish and market their brands in the life and lifestyles of society. The business research conducted in this article is to show that alcohol marketing does indeed have an established influence on the drinking behaviors of youths. The purpose is to show and give details to support the research of this investigation. The findings will either support or conclude that alcohol marketing has an increased impact or youths or that alcohol has no findings on youth drinking.

Business Problems

The business problems under investigation are to illustrate if the techniques utilized by these companies are having an influence on youths and drinking. The research has targeted whether alcohol marketing has targeted younger individuals and address the assessments of whether the effectiveness of government regulatory restrictions on marketing have been followed.

Data Collection Methods Utilized

Data collection has become an important process of any research study. Inaccurate data can hinder the results and ultimately lead to inconclusive results. Methods utilize include interviews, case studies, surveys, observations, and secondary data. These methods


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