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Able Corporation Business Research

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Considering the performance of Able Corporation for the past years, it is apparent that its strengths outweigh its weaknesses. The organization has been successful in building a good reputation through its innovations. The wide array of products has distinguished this organization from its competitors; one of the key components contributing to the organization's weaknesses is the lack of marketing its products. Through marketing tools such as internet, radio and television among others, consumers are armed with knowledge concerning a particular product and what company to purchase it from. The lack of clear understanding the organization's market has a direct affect in expanding globally. By understanding market dynamics, the organization will have a competitive edge over its competition. Below the diagram will illustrate the SWOT matrix identifying potential factors responsible for the current internal and external environment for the organization.

Internal Factors


• Woman owned business tends to offer a more business and management style emphasizing on relationship building and fact gathering.

• Brand Equity, Able Corporation is highly recognized for their products and services.

• Large market shares throughout the power tool circuit, offering an array of products encouraging profitability.

• Customer loyalty, Able Corporation has been in business for many years and continues to exhibit strong customer satisfaction.

• Able Corporation continues to offer innovative resourcefulness enabling their product distribution in many markets.


• Able Corporation has limited marketability, lacking communication and limited potential profits and sales.

• Training and development throughout the organization is limited, therefore causing low productivity.

• Able Corporation suffers from lack of diversification.

• Not focusing on core competiveness.

• Out-of-date


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