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Business Communications

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Business Communications

Exam 2 Study Guide

Chp 15 Resumes

 Where employers get job candidates

o Job fairs

o ads

 Boastful resumes


 Be familiar with resume “wording”

o Chronological

o Functional

 When to use “References Available Upon Request”

o Compose a separate page to bring with to the interview.

 Scannable resume vs. print resume

o Print resume is for readability purposes

o Scannable resume is for is for scanning purposes

 Purpose of a resume

o To help the employer identify who is right for the position.

 Items to exclude on your resume

o Typefaces

o Underlining

o Italic

o Double columns

 Ways to organize/format a resume

o Chronological

o Functional

 Approaches to preparing a resume

Chp 16 Interviews

 Purpose of Interviews

o To convince the employer that you’re a right for the position

o Find out more about the job and the company

o Expand the information on your resume

 Cover /application letter

o Opening sentences

 Begin with addressing the ready by their name

o What is included in the paragraphs

 Sources of information’s

 Job title

 Describing


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