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Final Project Business Communication

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Goodgood Ltd. is an online food services company. Our company offers a convenient website for customers ordering foods directly via Internet. It will be located in District 2 where we can approach District 1 and 3 within 15 minutes. At the beginning, our target customer is office employees in central districts.

Nowadays, purchasing online is very familiar to young generation, especially office workers. Goodgood works as an online restaurant. On the website, customers can purchase or order food through viewing online menu and we will deliver to them as fast as we can (maximum is 30 minutes). This website will be friendly and simple for customers to order their foods and have more information about what they will eat.

Our business based on the demand of office employees who do not have too much time to have meals outside their office. Therefore, our service will help them having healthy meals and delivering to their offices. The total market size is approximately 10,000 people, and expected to grow 10% by the first year.

We will compete with other fast food enterprises. However, our products are unique because we offer healthy and nutritious foods instead of junk food. In addition, we also add more value to our products by giving information about the food, such as: nutritious details, health expert’s advices, some funny stories about the foods, and so on.

The greatest risks associated with our business are the perception of customers who are not familiar with ordering foods online, other experienced competitors (Domino Pizza, KFC, Pizza Hut, …) and how to build an attractive menu (a combination of delicious foods and reasonable price). Nevertheless, we can overcome these risks because we focus on essential need of almost office employees.

Our new headquarter will be located in District 2 where the leasing fee is not too high, but it is very close to central districts. In the first period, our total full-time staffs are 15 people and distributed foods by motorbikes. However, we can hire more staffs depending on demand of the market.

We are seeking an initial investment of 500 million VND which will enable us by buying facilities, renting the office, building the website and miscellaneous items. We expect to provide an exit within 5 year by payback and satisfactory results to investors. Hopefully, this business will go on the right way and grow up ceaselessly.

Letter of Transmittal

Goodgood Ltd.

Online food servieces

April 9, 2012

Mr. Le Dinh Minh Tri

Project Investor

Dear Mr. Tri

According our previous discussion, we are pleased


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