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Final Exam Com/285 Business Communications

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Final Exam COM/285 Business Communications


True/False [12 questions x 2 points each]


1.    True    False    The higher you rise in an organization, the less you will be able to rely                                 on form letters.


2.    True    False    Negative messages should include audience benefits.


3.    True    False    Negatives are appropriate in oral or written communications if one of the                      goals is to make people take a problem seriously.


4.   True    False      Most cultures are more formal than the United States, and this should be                  taken into account when writing to international audiences.


5.    True    False    If a group does not formally vote during a meeting, the leader should                         summarize the group’s consensus after each point.


6.    True    False    A written document that is uses long sentences and abstract words uses                         good business style.


7.    True    False    Research shows that good writers and poor writers are equally able to                         effectively identify and analyze the initial problem; however, poor                         writers are subsequently less capable of using effective writing                                 strategies.


8.    True    False    Using patterns of organization that follow standard conventions of                                 business for writing informative and positive messages is not                                 recommended because it makes a document sound stilted and unoriginal.


9.    True    False    If you have several reasons for saying "no," include all of them, even if                         some of them are not very strong. The more reasons you have, the more                         likely the reader is to see that you had no choice but to say "no."


10.    True    False   The goal of a proposal is to get a project accepted but not necessarily to                         get you approved to be the one to do the job.


11.    True    False   There is very little repetition of content in a well-organized, well-written                  report.


12.    True    False         An effective ending to an oral presentation should refer to the                                 opener to create a frame for the presentation.



Multiple Choice [12 questions x 3 points each]


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