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Comm 470 - Improving Business Communication - Persuasive Messages

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Improving Business Communication- Persuasive Messages


University of Phoenix

November 1, 2010

Improving Business Communication- Persuasive Messages

The ability to communicate, and communicate well, is one of the biggest factors in business success (Gregory, 2010). Effective communication techniques used by managers and leaders is important when trying to attract potential consumers to purchase the products or services a company or organization has to offer. This is true whether a consumer is considering making a purchase from the traditional retail store or from an ecommerce retailer. To gain the consumers interest, the business owners use different types of marketing strategies to entice the consumer. Finding and retaining customers is a major critical success factor for most businesses, both offline and online. One of the keys to building effective customer relationships is an understanding of consumer behavior online (King, Lee, Marshall, McKay, Turban, Vieland, p. 157, 2008). To better understand the strategies organizations use to gain consumer trust, the paper will describe and provide examples of methods some organizations may use. The paper will also provide an example of a persuasive message a company or organization can use to "grab the consumers attention" when advertising its products or services.

Consumer Behavior When Shopping Online

To gain consumer trust, e-tailers must first present a compelling advertisement for the product or service its company or organizations wants to sell or offer a service to individual customers. E-tailers will need to find products and services that a customer wants or needs. This can be done by surveying a particular geographic area or region. Once this is done, E-tailers seek innovative ways to market company products that will entice the consumer to purchase. Surveys may be conducted that study the age, environment and social status of buyers. This way an E-tailer will have an idea of how to cater to the needs of a particular group of persons in order to sell a product or service.

Consumer buying behavior can be broken down into a five stage process. The first stage of consumer buying behavior is that an individual will need to identify that he or she has a need or a problem. After an individual identifies his or her need or problem, then they move into stage two of consumer buying behavior by searching for a solution that will meet that need. The third stage is evaluating ones options. Once the consumer understands his or her situation and has gathered research on possible solutions, the buying process enters an evaluation period. The consumer now starts to take a close look at specifics, such as the company providing the solution, the brand name of


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