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Business Communication

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Proposal Outline

1. Introduction

2. Our Aim

3. Proposed Solution

4. Value Proposition

5. Clientele/fees

6. Who we are


In today’s world, competition is fast, fierce and furious. Every Organization is looking for that competitive edge that will make them light years ahead of competition and the most talked about way of achieving this is through excellent customer service delivery. Excellent customer service delivery results in increased customer satisfaction and ultimately increased profit

Stenic Bank is one of the oldest banks in SaoTome that is consistently looking for ways to improve service delivery to customers; however a major barrier to achieving customer service excellence in the bank is lack of team work amongst employees. Often times, employees view themselves or departments as individual entities and not part of the whole entity, therefore team efforts are not directed towards the same clear goals. This is often as a result of communication break down or no communication between departments.

Our fact finding assignment reveals that eight out of every ten customer interactions with Stenic bank is delayed or unsuccessful due to the following reasons

• No one in the team knows what is going on except for the employee we spoke to

• Employee no longer works in the department

• Our request can ONLY be handled by one person and he/she is on vacation

• Your transaction has been moved from our department to another and we cannot call them to inquire about the status of your request

• You should be calling another department and not this department

To achieve competitive leverage in the banking industry, employees of Stenic Bank must become Team Players. The battle to win the HEART and MONEY of customers begin with employees becoming TEAM FOCUSED.


To assist stenic Bank infuse in its people TEAM SPIRIT through:

• Communication and follow-up skills

• Effective collaboration, coordination and bonding

• Self-awareness and self-confidence

• Alignment of diversity of skills and personalities

• Building high performance teams

• Leadership Skills

• Team work



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