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Business Communications and Critical Thinking: Reflection Paper

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Business Communications and Critical Thinking: Reflection Paper

During the course of my Business Communications and Critical Thinking class I had the opportunity to complete four career plan and building activities. The purpose of the assessments was to help me gain better understanding of my career interest, competencies, and work culture preferences as well thinking style. The career interest and competencies survey revealed that I am conventional, social and investigative. The results suggested that I would excel in careers that focused on administrative functions and legal support. My thoughts and feelings about my ideal work environment were reaffirmed during my work culture preferences survey. I preferred to work for an organization that was ethical, supportive and provided the resources needed to perform my job. The reasoning aptitude activity helped me discover my primary thinking and reasoning skills. This assessment identified me as “focused” suggesting that I would more than likely succeed in careers that require me to apply practical skills, involving critical thought. Additionally, this activity highlighted some areas of improvement such as entrepreneurial thought, innovation, goal focus, strategizing, adapting to change, and persuading. Practicing and mastering these skills would be beneficial in helping me become a well-rounded professional.

The communications and critical thinking skills that I have learned in this course are two of the most valuable skills that I will ever use in my career. These are skills that are used on a daily basis when interacting with people and making decisions in your personal and professional life. The communication skills will help me effectively communicate from the top-down, bottom up and laterally in my organization. Last, the critical thinking skills will help me view things from a different perspective and enable me to make better ethical and sound decisions.


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