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Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper

Upon completing the Multiple Pathways to Learning, I discovered which learning styles are a precise fit of who I am in the way that I learn. The learning styles that describe me the most are the logical-mathematical and interpersonal. I was pleasantly surprised at how well a simple assessment accurately describes who I am in a snapshot. I always had an idea about what my learning style would be but I could not pin it down specifically as the Multiple Pathways to Learning Assessment has done.

I scored equally in both the logical-mathematical and the interpersonal styles; however, in my day to day life, I apply and rely mostly on my logical-mathematical learning abilities. This is a learning style that is comprised of organization, be it mental or through physical actions; and by always finding or relying on patterns to aid in understanding or learning. This style is also recognized by logical and scientific reasoning and by problem solving skills. I work in a field in which critical and logical thinking is a must, as is being organized and always thinking ahead and in patterns. Solving problems in the most efficient way is to be expected and most importantly, multi tasking is what helps me be an excellent employee.

The other learning style that portrays who I am is the interpersonal style. I have noticed that I express this style in the way I interact with people. I tend to pick up on others’ moods and therefore, it enables me to react in an appropriate manner. I also like to listen to others and try to see their perspective with an open mind; this helps me communicate better. I believe that in order to maintain the relationships I have with my friends, compromise and sacrifice are beneficial. Another important aspect of this style is that I work well in a team, be it at work or school. I find teams to be very good sources of learning and understanding how others think and go about completing a task.

The two learning styles that describe me the least are the naturalistic and visual-spatial style. The naturalistic style essentially describes individuals who love to be outdoors, enjoy nature, understand it and build a lifestyle around it. The Visual-spatial style applies to individuals who enjoy arts, photography and graphic design. This learning style is expressed through drawing, creating charts and the “ability to understand spatial relationships and to perceive and create images” (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007).

Although I might not identify well with these two styles, I think collaboration is possible between the logical-mathematical, interpersonal and naturalist and visual-spatial learning styles. I can identify with the naturalist style in the sense that I like the outdoors and try to be out of the house as much as possible. I also find nature to be beautiful and try to eat mostly organic, and am planning on having


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