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Communication and Collaboration Strategy

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy

Communication and collaboration are an important part of the professional's life. As adults we must be able to communicate and collaborate ideas with others to make the work, or educational environment stronger as a whole. In order for a group of people to work well together by applying the strengths to the appropriate actions and assigning tasks based on those strengths. Completing a personality and learning assessment allows individuals to identify their learning styles and personality type.

My personal skills

Based upon my personal learning assessment my strength is my interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills give individuals the ability to relate to others, noticing their moods, motivations, and feelings (social activity, cooperative learning, and teamwork) I also am strong in my musical abilities which are the ability to comprehend and create meaningful sound and recognize patterns. This set of skills allows me to do well in groups because I am able to discuss information openly while helping others to better understand that information.

Differences in learning styles

Learning styles that differ from my own are visual –spatial and Logical-Mathematical. People that possess the visual-spatial skill have the ability to understand spatial relationships which aid them in building graphs, charts, and maps. The logical-mathematical thinker has the ability to understand logical reasoning and problem solving. They also possess strength in math, science, patterns, and sequences. The strategy that I would choose to best suite the three is for me to communicate the needs of the group and assignment deadlines to be met. Based on my learning style I would be able to research and gather the information while the person that is strong in my weak area would formulate that information into visuals to be used


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