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Communication & Promotion Strategy

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Communication & promotion strategy:

From the concept tests conducted across 400 users, 80% of them where in favor of buying the product when communicated that it is 35% more efficient in plague removal and gum disease prevention. 55% found it to be different and 77% found it to be better than their current toothbrush. In addition, Consumer segment comprises 46% therapeutic consumers who gives more preference to dental health.

Colgate precision was developed to be ‘the best possible tooth brush’ serving super premium segment. This indicates that it is advantageous to launch the brush as a niche super premium product in short term (6-8 months) and then transition to mainstream market as the competitor comes up with new products.

Points of parity:                                                                                                                                                                     Price: The other super premium brushes from competitor Oral B is as costly as Colgate Precision.

Cutting edge technology:

Points of differences:

Triple bristle design:

Plague removal & gum disease prevention:

Distribution channels:

Mainly it can be distributed through dentist and drug stores during the short term niche phase. 29% of tooth brush distribution in 1992 is estimated to take place through dentists and drug stores. This will attract consumer with gum disease and the effectiveness will build an image in future mainstream market. Further this gives an advantage to compete directly with Oral B and acquire market share.  

In mainstream market, food store and mass merchandisers should be used as main distributors as they comprise 63% distribution between them.


The consumers who have used the product have expressed that they can ‘feel it working’. So, the success depends on sampling. It is better to increase advertising and promotion budget to $43.4 Million (80% increase over $24.1Million) out of which $32.5 Million can be used solely for Colgate Precision. This will help in overcoming the effort made by Oral B and J&J with an expected combined advertising expense of $28.3 Million [Exhibit 8].


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