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Promotion Strategy for Skycar

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Promotion Strategy for Skycar

Developing the promotional strategy for Skycar involves various steps which outline a procedure for developing an effective promotional strategy. These are:

Deciding the elements of marketing mix

This process involves taking some key decisions about who would be the target customers, and what message would be communicated to customers.

1. Segmentation: The Skycar could be used as a personal vehicle for top executives of High Net Worth companies or could be bought by organizations to take care of travel needs of their top executives. Other potential use of the Skycar would be in hospitals and emergency care, police rescue operations, military, and commercial transport missions. Potential customers are segregated in groups according to their usage. The potential customers of Skycar are grouped as follows:

• Top level Professionals: Professionals who require frequent travel as a part of their job

• High Income group individuals: Individuals who fancy unique products and have power to own them

• Commercial transport: For transporting high value items which would otherwise require heavy cost to customers

• Hospitals: As emergency ambulance

• Police: In rescue operations

• Military operations: In rescue operations

2. Targeting: The Moller Group would communicate with the identified target customer segment to ensure best possible response rate.

 Methods of marketing communication

• Advertising: Moller International would follow a mass media approach to promotion. The company would advertise in business directories, newspapers and magazines, television, government brochures etc.

• Sales promotion: Moller International would provide discounts to customers who book the Skycar 6 months in advance from the date of launch. Other customers would be provided Skycar accessories free of cost.

• Personal Selling: The Company would engage salesmen to communicate top executives of selected companies, high net worth individuals, Police Officers, Military Group, Hospitals about the Skycar and how it would help them long term in saving on costs and time. There would be emphasis on participation in trade shows, exhibitions, and showroom sales activities.

• Direct Marketing: Through personalized letters, emails, telemarketing, and point of sale displays, the Moller International would take the message about the launch of Skycar directly to customers.

• Digital Marketing: Apart from traditional channels, the Moller Group would utilize digital channels like social networking sites


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