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Communication Situation Analysis Paper

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Communication Situation Analysis Paper

Communication technology what is it? According to The Free Dictionary by Farlex the definition for communication technology is the activity of designing and constructing and maintaining communication systems (The Free Dictionary by Farlex, 2003-2008). Communication technology is a vital part of organizations around the world. Organizations rely on a constant flow of messages through many different channels. What characteristics should communication technology possess? Communication technology should be able to provide the correct facts, in the correct amount, to the correct individuals, and at the correct time (Hunter, 2010). This paper is going to be analyzing various characteristics and some of the pros and con’s associated with different communication technologies. It will then analyze a communication situation and suggest a medium of communication technology that could be used for that message type and why?

Communication Technology


Some of the disadvantages of a letter would be that it isn’t the speediest communication technology around. They tend to be complex at times. There is little to no feedback and with the cost of paper and postage it puts the letter in the medium cost range. The advantages to using a letter are there could be a permanent record on file if needed, a letter can be formal or informal, and there wouldn’t be any interruptions.

Phone call

There are a couple advantages to a phone call for example it is one of the fastest ways to communicate. If the sender wants feedback a telephone conversation provides immediate feedback. The cost of a phone conversation is really low. No permanent record is probably the only disadvantage to a phone call.


Low feedback and costly are some of disadvantages to emails. Advantages with emails would be that it is a fast way to send a message, but no one really knows when the receiver will get the email. When using emails a person would have a permanent record when needed. Online meeting

Videoconference and teleconferences are also fast communication channels, which offer high feedback. The disadvantages would be the cost and no permanent record.

F2f meeting

Face to face meetings can be speedy and have high feedback, and they tend to be in the low cost range. Although a disadvantage to face to face meetings would be no permanent record.

Communication Situation



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