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Financial Comparison Analysis Paper

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AAA & Allstate are competors in the insurance industry of about 7,500 companies. The following analysis of each company will examine insurance industry, the individual companies, their operating philosophies, their financial strengths or weaknesses, and a final conclusion on which company would be a better long-term investment.


"The Us Insurance carriers industry includes about 7,700 company's annual revenue of more than $ 1 trillion. Major companies include Aetna's group Insurance division, AIG, Allstate. GEICO, MetLife, and State Farm. The industry is concentrated: the 50 largest companies generate 60 percent of revenue. Concentration is higher in some industry segments. "(First, Insurance Carriers 2010)

There are many factors and variables that play a part in the growth and stability of an economy. Among the variables, there are also many different types of industries within the United States economy. Each industry has different variables that play a part in its contribution to the nations overall economy. The insurance industry is one that employs many people both nationally and internationally. The insurance industry also contributes much to the nations Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Allstate Insurance is one the largest insurance companies in the country. Allstate offers several lines of insurance including automobile, homeowners, renters and life. Allstate Insurance falls under the finance and insurance industry. AAA on the other hands a not-for-profit organization is best known for providing emergency roadside assistance to its members. AAA is extending its reach into other areas, however, such as offering a variety of financial and travel-arrangement services (foreign currency exchange and travelers checks), as well. The organization offers its members credit cards, insurance, and vehicle financing. AAA operates travel agencies and publishes maps and travel guides, to boot. AAA and its affiliated 70-odd auto clubs maintain about 1,100 facilities to serve more than 50 million members that span the US and Canada. AAA was founded in 1902. Allstate is rank number 464 in FT Global, number 68 in Fortune 500.

Trend Analysis


Avgas P/E Asset /turnover Day's sale outstanding Net Profit Margin (%)

012/09 1.6 .5 3.38

012/08 1.6 2.93 3.12

012/07 1.1 2.38 1.96

Earning per share Debt/ Equity Total Debt to Equity Cash Ratio Current Ratio

012/09 $0 0 0.4 0.07 1.9

012/08 $0 0 19.9 0.07 2.06

012/07 $0 0 19.8 0.07 1.9


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