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Banco Popular Financial Statement Analysis

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Banco Popular



Financial Statements Analysis

Balance sheet

Income statement

Financial Analysis

Profitability and Risk Analysis

Credit Risk

Liquidity Risk

Solvency Risk


Appendix 1. Balance Sheet

Appendix 2. Income Statement


Headquartered in Madrid, Banco Popular SA was founded in 1926 and it is currently the third largest banking group and the fifth largest financial institution by total assets in Spain. Thus, significant distress for Banco Popular can materially affect Spain’s financial system and the country’s payment mechanisms. Therefore, due to Spain’s current exposure to the effects of the European Debt Crisis, we considered that it would be worth to understand the bank’s current performance.

Banco Popular SA is a financial service providing company that offers various commercial and retail banking services to its customers. Banco Popular principally operates in Spain, Portugal and France and the US.

As December 2010, the company employed about 14,250 people.


The Company operates through four segments namely Commercial Banking, Asset Management, Institutional and Market, and Insurance Activity.

-The commercial banking segment engages in lending transactions, fund raising, acceptance of off-balance sheet risks and supply of financial services, such as factoring and renting services. The company’s Commercial Banking Businesses is concentrated in Portugal and Spain.

-The Asset Management segment provides private banking, individual and collective pension plans management and mutual funds management services to its customers. The Private banking activity is conducted by Popular Banca Privada bank. The individual and collective pension plan management activity is conducted through Europensiones. The mutual fund management business is carried out by subsidiaries.

-The company’s Institutional and Market segment includes fund raising in the wholesale and inter-bank markets, the treasury activity, asset and liability hedging operations and management of tangible and intangible assets including non-current assets for sale.


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