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Non-Profit Financial Statement Analysis

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This paper focus on the non-profit financial statement analysis:

Rescue Mission was found in 1872 by Jerry and Maria . Jerry was send to prison for 15 years because of robbery ; he realized that lots of people needs help in outside world. Thus , after his release he decide to build a shelter for poor New Yorkers in 1872 . After over 140 years , this agency still running well . When we walked in the door of the agency , we saw lots of homeless people stand in a line wait for get food . I can tell they are living in a very hard conditions, but still you can see the smile on their face . I firmly believe the staff work in Rescue Mission have a positive influence on these people's life . David is a employee of agency , he introduced the history, mission, and the latest news of this agency . They provide food , shelter , clothing ,and even spiritual hope for the people who need . We served in the kitchen for the whole afternoon , every day there are about 200 people will come and eat there ; so what we needed to do is clean the kitchen and dining room and prepare the tableware and food before they came here. I started our service with cleaning, we separated into 2 groups and do different jobs in the kitchen and dining room . During the dinner time , I saw lots of people wear old and dirty cloths, some of them looks happy , but some of them with an expressionless face. They ate quietly and politely. Indeed , they are in a bad situation right now , but they still kept the good manner as they always had. We smiled to them in the whole time and served the dinner as best as we could. The dinner lasted for about 80 minutes. The thing impressed me most is all the employees working the agency had a good mood , they were talking , teasing , and laughing in the whole time . It was easily to see they need to do this heavy job every day, however, they didn't feel boring or tired at all and willing to help these people from the bottom


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