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Air Asia Financial Statements Analysis for 2014

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Air Asia Financial Statements Analysis for 2014

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary:        


Statement of Balance Sheet as 31st Dec 2014:        

Income Statement:        

Statement of Stockholders’ Equity (Statements of Retained Earnings):        

Financial Statements’ Analysis:        

Tests of Profitability:        

Return on Equity (ROE)        

Return on Assets (ROA):        

Financial Leverage Percentage:        

Earnings per Share (EPS):        

Profit Margin:        

Fixed Asset Turnover:        

Test of Liquidity:        

Cash Ratio:        

Current Ratio:        

Quick ratio:        

Tests of Solvency:        

Debt-to-Equity Ratio:        

Appendix A: Company History        


Executive Summary:

This report provides a financial analysis of AirAsia by examining its four financial statements and by applying financial accounting techniques for the year ended December 31, 2014.  Compared to 2013 financial statements, the total assets had a growth of RM 2.8 Billion. This mainly due to the acquisition of new Aircrafts. In addition, net income had decreased by around RM 279 Million. This significant decrease was mainly because of increased foreign exchange losses. The retained earnings for 2014 year were RM 2.8 billion and cash dividend was RM 111.2 million.


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