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Financial Statement Analysis

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Business description

TRG was established on March 30, 1995 by M. Alam Halepota. Then training and recruitment manager, ENGRO Chemical Pakistan Ltd., wrote to the HR managers of ICI Pakistan, IBM World Trade Corp., Lever Brothers, Siemens Pakistan, PPL, Caltex Oil Pak, Philips Electrical Co. Manager, all suggested to form a network of training managers to provide share high quality internal and external training resources on cost sharing basis. They also suggested to provide sharing of information about latest advances and trends occurring in the fields of Training Organization and Employee Development. They also arranged sessions and seminars. They also considered other issues that member organizations were facing in important areas.

Only two people responded and supported the idea initially. First one was Syed Muzzafar Ali Shah who was Human Resource Manager in Reckitt & Coleman and second person was Mr. Salim Khan who was Training Manager in ICI Pakistan Ltd.

This idea was further discussed at an open house session of KZR in Karachi around April 1995 where Mr. Azhar Iqbal Mir, Director HRD, took the initiative and hosted the first network meeting.

Another milestone was reached when TRG, British Council and TCS relationship was developed around 1997 with the compliments of Jamil Janjua. TRG is basically service providing company. Human Resource Management has had a checkered history in Pakistan. The concept evolved from personnel and admin departments. HR remains an oft-disputed subject as organizations seek to work in an increasingly depressing economy. So TRG is operating to help companies resolve their human resource problem.

The original group of TRG was eight people and consisted mostly of Training and HR managers only. TRG operated as a selective group initially catering to corporate sector only. Later TRG opened gates for general public and training consultants and became an open forum for non-corporate members also.

12 years later, TRG expanded to 100 members and belongs to all types of organizations i.e. locally owned organizations, government organizations & NGO’s.

TRG’s objective is to utilize and identify available training expertise and resources, exchange information, participate in joint training programs and organize training related social services.

TRG meets once a month on last Thursday of each month. It would be too lengthy to cover wide variety of topics at these meetings. Agenda of meetings are management focused topics such as leadership, customer care etc. and training specific topics such as training needs analysis and training evaluation.

Industry analysis

Economic outlook

TRG Pakistan Limited informed Karachi Stock Exchange that there is no final decision to list any of their non-public subsidiaries on an international exchange nor is there any plan to restructure TRG Pakistan. The company is operating in fast paced environment world-over. The management continuously assesses economic climate and thoroughly analyses all viable option that may result in increased shareholder value.


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