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Oral Communication for Analysis

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Oral communication for analysis

In the normal time, communication between customers and employees happened when they check-in and check-out for rent the court or equipment to play the game.


Connect with the customer and have the great relationship with custiomers to improve the company’s system operation excellence.


For employee

It can improve the oral communication skill.

Benefit for have the great relationship with the customers.

Good for the system operation excellence.

For customers

It is good for improve the oral communication skill.

It is a advantage of the great relationship with the employees.

Tips and resource.

Use this review-and-share strategy on a regular basis to reinforce the learning of subject-specific vocabulary.

Focus on the etiquette can improve the personal cultivation.

Pay attention to enterprise image and promote the operation system and the relationship of manager and customer.

The advantages of oral channels of communication are that they:

• Are fast - useful for obtaining very recent unpublished information

• Are based on two-way communication and therefore promote an understanding of the real information need(s) and the communication of relevant information

• Are flexible

• Simplify and facilitate the transmission of information between people working in different subject areas (useful in interdisciplinary studies)

• Are easy and pleasant to use

• There is high level of understanding and transparency in oral communication as it is interpersonal.

• There is no element of rigidity in oral communication. There is flexibility for allowing changes in the decisions previously taken.

• The feedback is spontaneous in case of oral communication. Thus, decisions can be made quickly without any delay.

• Oral communication is not only time saving, but it also saves upon money and efforts.

• Oral communication is best in case of problem resolution. The conflicts, disputes and many issues/differences can be put to an end by talking them over.

• Oral communication


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