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Oral Communication

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Oral communication within the Criminal Justice System plays a major role, because when you have listened to a juvenile offender about what has happened in their life and what possibly made them to decide to go out and commit their crime, you will be able to sympathize what they are expressing and this will make it much easier for you to come to any solutions on their rehabilitation towards not continuing to be a repeat juvenile offender in the future. This will also help you to be able to talk with that individual on their level of understanding the laws and consequences that they may have incurred or will be incurring throughout the process of their detainment and release.

Usually with non-verbal communication you will tend to read body language and eye contact from an individual. Some of their body language signals may help you to access their attentive or non attentive reaction when talking or questioning them about certain content during many different process dealing with Criminal Justice Systems and Procedures.

This can be hard for most people if they do not know how to read body language. Even if you may be able to read their language you have to also take into account, that many individuals come from different cultures and have native language barriers, and have different backgrounds and mental histories that may hinder the oral communication process and make it difficult for a person to understand another individual.

Some of the key components that I use in communicating is eye contact, because I want the person to know that I am directly speaking to them or that when they are speaking to me they have my full attention, body language, I use this so that people know that I am interested in what they have to say. I also use clear speaking skills so that whomever I may be speaking with can understand what I am trying to relay to them. I also use emotions and proper articulation, this is very helpful, instead of using


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