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Term Paper - Friends of Community - (foc)

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In 2011, a group meeting on water was held at GB110 in GIMPA at which pledges were invited from group members. In February 2011, seven (7) members met to prepare the ground for rural water sector strategy for Peki Dzake. After three days of consultation, a Friends of Community –(FOC) was established in line with Government decentralization policy, with the mandate to facilitate the provision of safe drinking water to the Rural Communities and small towns

FOC is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO) which was established in the year 2011 with express purpose of promoting genuine community development.

FOC works in partnership with community members of Peki Dzake area of South Dayi District in mountainous Province of Volta Region.

Peki Dzake rural community with estimated population of 1000 suffers from a lack of clean water supply. The community has undergone unheard human miseries due to constant droughts and unreliable rainfalls and limited distribution of pipe borne water. Most of the rivers in the area are seasonal, an indication that there is no constant water supply. The community relies on water from pipes that is been sold at uncontrollable price with limited distribution due to persistent power outage persist. There are also ponds of stagnant water, which are use by both human and animal community. Thus, people are generally at the mercy of their creator since the cleanliness of such waters is not assured.project need

The project idea is to improve access to clean water for rural community at Dzake village through sinking of borehole. There will be a CBO/Community Network that will ensure full participation of community at different stages of the project. FOC (the implementing org.) will provide project committee that will oversee the planning and implementation phases. The organization will get the boreholes drilling company and water pump supply company; it will also coordinate the


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