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Audience Paper and Communication Release

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Audience Paper and Communication Release

An important aspect of effective communication is to know who is receiving sending the message to be sent. Some agree that the best way to communicate a message is to sit down and write as it were written for a personal reference. This could result in a creative message but may not result in an understood or accepted message. The audience should be a consideration from the beginning. A good message should have a goal whether it is to inspire, give information, give direction, or persuade the audience. If the goal of the message is not clear, the audience will not understand the message, thus an ineffective message.

On August 5, 2010 in northern Chile, a San Jose copper mine collapsed, encasing 33 miners underground. When the news of this collapse spread, every person around the world was captivated with the story. In early communications, it was unclear how long it would take to bring the miners up and was estimated to be approximately four months. The reaction to this communication brought a human frenzy as people pondered the thought of underground and buried alive.

A total of 69 days had passed before the first miner saw the daylight giving the world a sigh of relief. The chances of survival for these miners were in the hands of those planning and strategizing over the rescue. It was the communication of the Chilean Government, who realized their limitations, to quickly recruit the assistance of organizations that could fill the gaps of those limitations to rescue the miners.

NASA, who has experience in testing and training crews for extended periods of isolation, was called in to help. The Chilean people quickly learned the communication link between the miners and the outside world was of great importance. After 17 days with no way of knowing what was happening or how the miners were doing, a bore hole was created to reach the miners. This bore hole would prove


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