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Knowing Your Audience and Communication Paper

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Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release

To know your audience would be an extremely significant mark at any time a company was to communicate material to a group or organization. Knowing your audience proves to be even more significant when a company has to deal with the outcome resulting from a disaster. The disaster of the Chilean copper mine in South America is one example of where knowing your audience was a very significant issue.

In a Chilean copper mine, a disastrous downfall in one of the shafts of the mine has left 33 miners trapped 310 meters (1017 feet) below the ground. The outcomes of the company and their reaction to the disaster would eventually define how the world, their audience, would see them. It turns out to be very imperative that the representatives of the company who issues updates and information to the public know their audience well. The audience the company would be reporting to would be made up of the news correspondence, the victim's families, and the media. Not only would the company representative have to keep the prestige and point of view of the mining company in one piece, they would have to issue precise and straightforward information that would not always be in the greatest interest of the company's standing.

The collapse would not only have emotional impact on the 33 miners trapped underground, the family members of those miners would be distressed as well. The family members of those 33 men would have to wait in suffering before they would receive word of their family member's fate. When a disaster of this extent occurs, the company has the obligation to keep the family members knowledgeable every step of the rescue progression, above the news bulletin and media. Even though in the beginning the company may not have much information, it is essential for them to inform the loved ones with as much information as soon as possible. This would consist of any information as to what is taking place in the rescue attempts.

The employees of the company would be the next in line as to being informed. Despite the fact that they may not have been directly embroiled in the collapse, they are employed for the company and may know some of the victims directly. Keeping the employees up-to-date helps take pressure off the minds of other coworkers and lessen the stress in the midst of the employees. Alongside keeping them updated, the company can also let the employees and family members know what information is acceptable to disclose with the media. The news organizations would stop at nothing to pursue employees, previous employees, love ones, and the victims of the disaster to humiliate the company, and they were victorious.

The international stage was another audience of the disaster. The company accountable for the collapse was on the world platform because they were a worldwide establishment. They operated and owned


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