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Conflict, Power, and Influence in Interpersonal Communication Paper

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Conflict, Power, and Influence in Interpersonal Communication Paper

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Conflict, Power, and Influence in Interpersonal Communication

Conflict, power, and influence are very important factors in interpersonal communications. Learning Team B is attempting to show how these characteristics influence interpersonal communication. The purpose of this essay is to preface the content discussed in the PowerPoint presentation and add additional insight to the information discussed. Many times in life problems surface that presents conflict affected by power and influence. Power as well as influence exists in different forms, including a person’s supervisor at work, a teacher at school or even parents. A person’s interpersonal communication skills play a role in resolving conflicts, especially when power and influence are a part of the characteristics of the problem.

Description of the Conflict

No matter how old a person is, the thought that one’s parent’s validation is needed to date or marry a person never leaves. Parents typically do not approve of their child’s choice in friends and those they choose to date. Maybe it is more of a self conscious issue but people always seek their parent’s approval in these matters. This is a conflict that each person probably experiences once or twice in a lifetime but more prevalent with females. The reason may be that parents are always more protective of their daughters and provide a little more leniency with sons. A conflict, such as this, is difficult because the parents feel a certain way about their child’s significant other and the child, not wanting to be a disappointment is torn between his or her feelings and his or her parent’s wishes. There are many


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