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Emotions in Interpersonal Communications Paper

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Emotions in Interpersonal Communications Paper

Tina Mott


February 1, 2016

Debra Santi

Emotions in Interpersonal Communications Paper

When it comes to the human service field, Interpersonal communication is very important between the worker and the client. Every type of relationship needs to have communication to in order to function. Interpersonal communication will help the relationship between the client and worker grows, it helps show emotions with words. Showing a client your emotions towards their situation during a conversation will help build a trust and connection with the client. Having a positive communication level will bring more comfort to the client and they will want to tell their story and be on the road to recovery.

“Emotional connection is thinking with the person rather for or about them” (2010). Emotions can be a very strong tool verbal and non-verbal. As the human service worker, you want to be ab le to connect to your client. It’s a very important factor just like our text said to direct your emotions for the client rather than showing your emotions to express your personal feelings about the situation. Your job as the worker is to be able to have control over your emotions when dealing with the client.

Emotions come in different kind of stages, emotions can have a huge impact on how the worker ask the client questions,  the workers body language can express emotions as well giving off the wrong signal to the client, and how the worker answers the client also can express a degree of emotions as well. The human service worker can help the client more when they understand and show empathy towards the client, this can give the worker an advantage and also help them decide just what type of questions to ask or not to ask the client in the state they are in, this will help the interpersonal communication relationship with the client.

Interpersonal communication can be challenging at times for the human service worker depending and the client and their situation. The workers has to be very careful to use the non-verbal and verbal approaches to make clear the point they are trying to express, you don’t want to point blame on the client but help them see their role in the situation. The other strategies of an interview such as paraphrasing and summarizing all ties in with interpersonal communication, these together will show the client how much you are listening and shows the client that you understand their situation and how they feel.  Communication can easily be misread by the client if the worker isn’t careful of the way they use words mixed with emotions, often discouraging the client and they might clam up and not talk anymore. Making sure that the client is receiving the correct message from the worker will help start building a strong relationship.


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