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Cja 304 - Verbal Communication Paper

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Verbal Communication Paper

Verbal Communication Paper

Hope Rosselot


The Criminal Justice Field uses verbal and non-verbal communication with everything they do. This could be officer to suspect, prosecutor to judge, officers to witness’s and so forth. The start of a criminal process always begins with the officer arresting a suspected person. The communication will than follow through to the superior officer, prosecutor, defendant, and then the judge. It is an absolute necessity to have great communication skills to get the work that is needed to be accomplished within the criminal process system.

One barrier that is present with the criminal justice system is the cultural and language difference. With America expanding with more cultural diversities it seems that more miscommunication is happening. When a person is trying to commutate with another person that has a different language you should always be aware of their hand gestures and their non- verbal communication tools. Hand gestures that they use are more than likely offensive and profane gestures to where if they were from the United States they would be good hand gestures.

Effective and proper communication is the best important part of a police officer’s job. When an officer is speaking to the public and making announcements or updates on criminal activity that is happening in the area they have to keep it short enough just enough to satisfy the public that way they are not giving to much information which could lead to jeopardizing the investigation in hand. A former police officer and now English teacher developed a special communication skill that he called tactical verbal communication. This new kind of communication is to help officers reduce the potential threat of hostile situations with just their words and presence. Tactical verbal communication redirects the hostility that way the officers will be able to gain control of any giving situation which this will lead to have a positive outcome. Tactical communication will train officers to go about a respectful way in a situation instead of it being all about intimidation. During this training they will teach you about having eye contact and also using hand gestures that can be used in certain situations. Tactical verbal communication will come into play a lot of times when officers and superiors are dealing with the press. We all know the press, and they will throw out all kinds of questions to try and get the most information they can. I believe with this certain area that the guideline that should be used could be Modify the message according to the audience because when you are speaking in public to the community that you should keep things to a minimum


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