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Demonstrative Communication Paper

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Communication is the process of distributing information, thought, and feelings involving people through speaking, writing or their body language. Effective communication is consider wen data is diffused by the sender is received and implicated by someone in the way it was projected. Demonstration communications transpire when someone uses ways to communicate other than someone voice. This can be taken place by someone’s facial expressions, body language, eye contact, or even gestures. I will relate to demonstrative communication in this article as nonverbal communication.

Once using verbal and nonverbal communication together, similar messages must be sent or else the receiver will become confused. The sender of the messages should most definitely have emotional self-awareness with the capability to send the nonverbal signs that forwards his feelings. Once betrothed in communication you should pay attention and be fully aware, however if you are distracted you are more than likely to give off nonverbal signs. As a supervisor, employees has come to me to discuss their problems. I would have to show concern and listen to their problems but sometimes I have turned and face my computer and continue to work. Even though I was paying attention by action showed I was pay no attention.

The difficulties with nonverbal communication is that people have a tendency to misread it, or even the sender may send unclear nonverbal signs. However, improving your nonverbal communication skills will influence your emotional intelligence. Typically, it would help your to build stronger relationships and experience greater success since emotional intelligence is your ability to accurately read and reacts to others' thoughts and feelings through the use of nonverbal cues. (Brown, 2011)

Once employees went to my supervisor stating that I was no paying attention to employees concerns I had to change my nonverbal communication message I was giving off to them. I started giving my employees my undivided attention. Nonverbal communication can be exhausted alone or alongside verbal communication. However, either way your nonverbal communication can influence the messages you send. A person body language, active listening facial expression, gestures are a limited ways in which a person engage in nonverbal communication.

Body language is also consider to be nonverbal communication, body language contains posture, position of hands and arms, eye contact and facial expression. Body language that is coherent with the verbal messages enhances understanding. Body language that is incoherent with the verbal messages generates a question in the mind of the receiver about the real message. However, if the person is looking in another direction, arms folded, or even tying a text message at the same time, his body language communicates


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