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Demonstrative Communication

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She walks in the room; her hair lying over her left shoulder like silk and exposing an ear that she seems to have a fascination with touching. He can see into her eyes as she looks up at him and it feels as if she is peering into his soul and he sees that long awaited smile letting him know that she knows he is watching. You smile and wink at her as you begin the slowly walk over to engage in a loving hug; once there you hold her for a brief moment that seems like an eternity. She feels the love he has without ever having to say a word and as you whisper those sweet words into her ear it is confirmed that what she felt from across the room is true.

Demonstrative Communication is the art of using nonverbal ways to communicate your thoughts and ideas. Nonverbal expressions can tell the receiver not just our emotional state but our conviction about what we are saying and if we are being honest. Facial movements and expressions have been studied and used by law enforcement for years to decipher if a person is honest during interviews and interrogations; it is used in conjunction with other tactics to ensure they receive accurate Intel. Like any other form of communication, this can be misconstrued as something it is not and therefore needs to be used in conjunction with other forms of communication to ensure the receiver understands the message being sent. All too often we let our personal beliefs and ideals affect our observations and unknowingly do so to receive the information the way we wish to and not necessarily how it was intended. Using this form of communication has positive and negative effects for both parties involved and can be used to mislead or represent you in the wrong light.

A negative example of using this tactic would be a politician running for office. We do not just listen to what is being said but the facial expressions and mannerisms are crucial to emphasize conviction with what is being said. Time after time we listen to them speak and take what we will from it ignoring the bad to see a light at the end of the tunnel; they seem to have such conviction behind their ideas but never seem to follow through


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