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Demonstrative Communication

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Week 2 Individual Assignment


Communication can be defined as the process of sending and receiving messages. Communication requires the sharing of messages, thoughts, or information, by signals, writing, speech, or behavior. Communication can be verbal, nonverbal, visual, or written. Nonverbal communication can include body posture, eye contact, facial expressions, or gestures where verbal communication includes written and oral communication. Written communication can be communicated through text messages, emails, or through writing a letter or note.

While communication can be sent and received in several different ways, demonstrative communication focuses more on nonverbal and unwritten communications. Demonstrative communication consists of sending and receiving messages. Demonstrative communication is frequently used to emphasize verbal communication even though it can be interpreted all by itself. Of all the nonverbal communications, facial expressions are most often used.

When going to a job interview, demonstrative communication can seem like a small thing, but the smallest of things can matter most at times. For example, eye contact, a solid handshake, or even dressing appropriately can leave a lasting impression. One can depend on traits like these to strengthen their performance. In addition, when meeting a person, usually one can tell if the other person is friendly by the way they speak, if they smile, or even by making eye contact. One can form an opinion just by the nonverbal signals he or she creates. They can also judge someone’s response or reaction to gain positive or negative feedback to their benefit.

The type of persona one puts forth says a great deal about their personality to others. For example, a CEO wearing a nice suit to a corporate meeting would leave a powerful impression on the other employees. Even without


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