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Business Law Term Paper Bank Financial Agreement

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The financial service terms form is part of your Financial Service Agreement with The Toronto-Dominion Bank and its affiliates. The financial service terms document helps explain what the services are provided by the bank with detailing the use and important information about their accounts.

When a person signs the financial service agreement any existing agreement between the bank and the person who signs the agreement, for any particular product or service is replaced by this new agreement. There are few exceptions in which replacements of the existing agreement are not replaced. These exceptions are “any provisions whereby you have indicated who may deal with your joint account or whether your joint account has a right of survivorship remain valid until replaced with a new joint ownership record; and all provisions dealing with the specific terms of a particular product or service, including term, interest rate, amount of investment or any other terms particular to the product or service provided to you by us, to the extent that such provisions are not contained in the Agreement, remain valid until expiry or renewal.”

It is not necessary that all the services mentioned in the contract will be used by the signatory. Person can request for new services later on, and if the bank introduces any new services then the signatory will be informed.

There are seven parts of the Financial Service Terms, in which it is clearly stated what the services in your agreement are.

The first part of the Financial Service Terms provides you with the definition. These definitions will help a person know what the terms are in a bank and what do these terms mean.

The first definition in this part is defining what an agreement is. An agreement is all the terms that are provided to you at the time of the purchase of the particular product or service, or any other product or services provided in the future.

The next thing defined is what a card is; it is any card which is issued to you by the bank under your name or your attorney’s name. It should have your signature, these cards include an Access Card or a TD Visa card.

Connect ID is the third thing described; this is the code that identifies you and helps in accessing your account, through certain services.

Instrument is the fourth definition; an instrument is any payment instrument. This includes a cheque, security, note, bill of exchange and a few other types of payment instruments.

Limit is described as the maximum that a person can withdraw or deposit in their account. If a person exceeds their limit they will be charged, and a person limit can be changed from time to time without any notice.

Machine is any equipment which will be used to access the bank services, for access a pin or password is required with the card or connect ID.



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