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Analysis for Improvement : Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

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Analysis for Improvement: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

Karen D. Glover

CGMT 554

June 1,2015

Jario Garcia

Analysis for Improvement: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital (PFCH) optimizes its performance by bringing all the departments of the hospital together to accomplish a task. Having knowledge of what systems will operate at the best capacity is vital, in addition, keeping the different people in the know will help to bring optimal results. To accomplish unanimity among the different departments requires the use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Knowledge Management (KM).

ERP is a term used by the IT industry for a set of activities that helps businesses manage chief parts of its business. The ERP system uses enterprise-wide data to make decisions. ERP software can help PFCH’s administrators observe and handle human resources, procurement, inventory, supply chain etc. By managing these elements of the business processes it is the standardized procedure for storing information about the business that can be accessed instantly.

PFCH has a variety of networks for each department and each department has its own and networking accouterments to handle that department’s workflow. The ERP system is in place to unite all for PFCH’s departments. For example the Imaging department has its processes to take MRI, CT, and PET photo and process film. The ERP system must be quick for access by doctors and other hospital staff to continue diagnoses and treatment of patients. Most importantly, the pharmacy and radiology department must be capable of producing images and medication for urgent situations that save lives, as well as, work to provide information between departments.

PFCH’s IT department uses IBM systems to sustain their hospital processes, which has served the hospital thus far, however, with a plan to upgrade, these systems would need to meet or exceed the requirements of the hospital. PFCH uses the XEON dual core system to operate within its IT department and is accommodating of the other network systems within the hospital. XEON is compatible with the different department formats and ties them together to operate quickly and efficiently. The hospital’s call center can be improved by using a CRM system such as a cloud computing platform that does not need in house servers or a initial capital investment in equipment, in addition, cloud technology does not need long integration and execution phases. PFCH call center has the potential to attract new paying patients, address vital marketing demands and increase the bottom line.

        Cisco is used for firewall safety for the 3rd layer of their OSI.  The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) system is used for the safety of the hospital data encryption. The IT network diagram makes use of Linux technology where, setup of the network computer are accommodated. Linux offers a range for mobile devices, video game consoles, routers, mainframes and super computers around the world; these systems are vital to the PFCM expanding network innovation.

        Patton-Fuller Community Hospital uses it Knowledge Management (KM) as a “process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge” (Koenig, 2012). Knowledge Management promotes a cohesive way of identifying all of the hospital’s valued information assets; that include, databases, policies, patient charts, test results, procedures and the like.


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