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Communication Trend Analysis

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Writing 340

Communication Trend Analysis

Purpose: The purpose of this communication trend research assignment is to assess and audit the various communication practices and strategies used in your chosen career field.

Assignment: You will research and analyze your identified career field to identify the various modes of communication used in all aspects of your chosen industry. You will discuss more traditional forms (memo, letters, as well as new strategies, including social media and graphics such as infographics).

To aid in your research process, each of you will identify someone in your field (preferably someone in a position you someday seek to attain) to ascertain their thoughts on the importance of effective communication, and the various communication strategies and tools needed to be successful. Once you have identified someone to interview, conduct a 15-20 minute informational interview to discuss various aspects of your industry including communication trends, professional development strategies, and any other pertinent information that would be beneficial to both your personal and professional development. In preparation, you should research your chosen industry and prepare an interview outline that will be submitted with your paper.

Once you’ve completed your research and conducted your interview, you will write a four to five page summary of your findings, which will include:

• A detailed analysis of your findings, including current trends and communication strategies.

• A summary and discussion of key recommendations gained from your interview.

• A table(s) to help show some related facts, findings or statistics, and

• A personal recommendation to other students who


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