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Baptist Hospital Swot Analysis

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Baptist Hospital SWOT Analysis


Culture: Baptist Hospital has established a culture that “WOW’s” the patients. “WOW” stands for empowering workers to become owners and winners (Stubblefield, 2005, p xiv). There are key characteristics of a healthy culture; open communication, no excuses, no secrets environment, and sense of ownership (Stubblefield, 2005, p 49). When an employee feels like an owner they take pride in their property.

People: The employee’s of the hospital treat the patients with courtesy and respect. They build relationships with the patients in order for them to feel safe and comfortable with the care provided. The retention rate for the 2013 was above goal.

Community owned: Being a community owned hospital all decisions are made locally. Decisions are made by employees that live and work in the same community. Bedside staff is included when new policy or procedures are required that they are responsible for implementation.

Only adolescent psychiatric center in area: Baptist controls the market for adolescent psychiatric treatment. Behavior medicine has established a good reputation in the community for psychiatric care for inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Private rooms: All of the inpatient rooms were converted to private.


Location: Baptist Hospital is located in the downtown area that is considered the inner city. The area has a high crime rate. There have been multiple shootings on surrounding streets, even one in the parking lot. The hospital is not located on a major road. It cannot be seen from any major intersection.

Age of building: Baptist Hospital is sixty three years old. The bathrooms need to be updated. The floors are the old tile that looks dirty unless buffed daily. Certain areas of the hospital have been renovated so a patient can go from a new area, OR suites, to an old area, in patient rooms.

Parking: Over the years the hospital has expanded, leaving less room for parking. The hospital has purchased lots around the hospital and converted them into parking areas. The hospital highly encourages using valet parking in order for a visitor to not


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