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Cadbury Swot Analysis

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Strengths for cadbury's business:

large product range been brought out to increase customers,

brand name is very famous so more people will choose Cadbury instead of the unknown brand,

owned by Kraft who are the largest food companyu in the U.S,

lots of money will help them buy new machinery to help production in the company,

lots of sales to customers will increase profit but also will increase the price of production,

sponsorships will increse the customers as it will make in more famous.

weaknesses for cadbury's business:


offer too many products ,

second largest, nestle are the largest which means that Cadbury will get slightly less customer than nestle,

their brand is not recognised in the U.S as they are not a large stockist in the American confectionists.

opportunities for cadbury's business:

bringing out new products which should increse the amount of customers which will then make them more famous and bring in much more money the Cadbury,

they can take over smaller companies than themselfs as they are a larger company than most and will offer lots more than the opposition.

threats for cadbury's business:

competition will threaten the sales of Cadbury as they will steal some customers so cadbury will have to improve recipes, etc, interest rates, inflation, recesion, cultural differences as some cultures will not eat


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