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Payroll Swot Analysis

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payroll swot analysis

Demographic :

 All employees that have the qualification to use this system , and that are trained well regardless their age , sex , religion , and education .

Behavioral :

 Our payroll system is very easy to use (user-friendly) , and it includes information that is helpful for human resource , and accounting departments , and also for the employer .

 The payroll system will help in accelerating the payment process .

 Employees will be paid at the right time .

Segmentation :

Due to the external and internal changes that affect our system we choose the segment of medium sized organization , that uses a paper-based payroll system , to improve its payment methods, and help in issuing employees reports .

Needs and wants for the target segment :

Payroll system offers a fast and easy process for calculating employees wages . this process is conducted to meet the employees and employer expectations . the process of calculating employees wages includes the followings :

• Processing paychecks.

• keeping up with individual taxes.

• sending paychecks to employees.

• keeping accurate management records.

Analyzing customer requirements :

• Core benefits :

The ability to save time and lower errors of a manual payroll system .

• Expected system :

A payroll system that works the best for the organization


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