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Swot Analysis of Banks

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SWOT Analysis


• Professionally qualified and experienced faculty members.

• Accepting new changes in the education system.

• Well equipped science and computer labs for students.

• The only school in the east coast with "club" and ECA system.

• Ground for cricket, football and other outdoor sports.

• One among the accreted schools; provides student visa and transport to all the locations in the east coast.


• No financial support from the govt. as it is a private organization.

• Improving the infra structure is a matter of consideration due to less financial backup.

• As the management demands qualified and experienced faculties, the numbers of faculties are comparatively less.

• Few parents still think before they admit their students as the syllabus is state based.


• New branch of the school can be opened and operated in other states within the country as the goodwill of the present school is very good.

• As the school changes its teaching methods according to the latest pattern, it will attract new admission.

• Positive change in the educational policy of the Ministry of Education- UAE.


• Government based school with better infrastructure as a competitor.

• New schools coming up with similar fee structure and same syllabus.

• Negative Changes in the educational policy of the ministry of Education- UAE.

Political Factor

Political factor cover two issues that affect the ability of organization in their businesses:

1. Government's attitude towards business activity: Some countries discourage the have a foreign businesses in their country due to the feared of having competitions of their business. UAE has its door open for the foreign investors. For this purpose, it has opened up FREE TRADE ZONES in all the 8 emirates so that investors can set their own business with minimum documentations and less controls on them.

2. Legal controls on business activity: Rules and policies are very important in any countries to protect the rights of business and for customers. UAE doesn't put any strict controls over the business activities


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