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Bluebird Swot Analysis

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 Bluebird is always comes out with different products according to taste. They always keep choice of every age group in their mind. They recently launch a campaign for finding new flavors. This campaign was a huge success it brings out few great ideas in front of company about their hunt for new flavor.

 Bluebird is part of Pepsico group so it has got strong financial background. Being a part of Pepsico group, bluebird has got ample amount of resources to grow their business. They can invest largely in research and development for their product differentiation at the same time they can have an edge over their rivals in marketing as well. Share price $64.33 and the company is expecting to reach at $74.40 in a year time.

 Bluebird has got strong distribution and marketing channel. They display their product at every available option. You can find it on any dairy shop, liquor shop, supermarket etc. You can get Bluebird at any place near to your house or office. These kinds of availability of product increase the sale of product.

 Bluebird understands the value of advertisement and promotion campaign. They always come out with new ideas. Recently company launches "Do us a flavour" campaign. Winner of this campaign would get a cash reward of $20000 and 2% of net sale. So it was a great idea to get people involved.

 Bluebird has a great brand image among the New Zealand. They keep on creating their strong brand image through visuals and language. We can see hoardings of Bluebird at different public places. It comes out to as highest selling chips brand in multigrain chips for financial year 2009. Bluebird Foods Ltd teamed up with Australia's radio presenter duo Hamish & Andy to run a campaign "The People Chip".

 Company always wanted to be in touch with customers, so they provide a toll free number to the customers. Customers can talk to company representative and ask about company and their product features.

 Bluebird has technological partnership with Technical Engineering Group (TEG) which is an added advantage because TEG is a provider of innovative and comprehensive projects solutions to the Food and Beverage sectors.


 Bluebird is good in dealer network but they are not utilizing the e-commerce capabilities.

 The cost of Bluebird product are higher then their rivals. We can find chips of other brands on special offer in supermarkets but this is hardly in case of Bluebird.

 Bluebird is still using the old washing system for potato, while Herbert & Flo- Mech had already launch new washing system, which gives perfect results and at the same time is time saving.

 There


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