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Swot Analysis for Optus

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Optus Music Muster

Launch activations

19th May 2010

Highly Confidential


What is the campaign about?

Identify and rationalise up to 5 with a minimum 3 opportunities for Optus to raise the awareness of naming rights of the Optus Music Muster (OMM)


• Optus are this year taking naming rights over one of Australia's largest country music festivals

• It is highly renowned within QLD as well amongst country music fans although over the past few years the format for the festival has broaden to include Australian rock / pop culture artists in the line up so as too ensure continued relevance with the youth audience

• OMM has 13 stages offering a variety of music to over 60,000 visitors per year


• Core campaign message.

• Any product / event / association information.

• Any mandatory inclusions.

All Optus regional campaigns should be talking to our key brand message of "making it possible for your community to choose".


What are we trying to tell the audience?

• Optus supports your community

• Optus is a real and valuable alternative, offering choice and competition in your area

• Optus is part of your community

• Optus technology helps make your life easier

Note: where we refer to area/community we talk to specific regional locations across Australia.


• Who are we talking to across this campaign, outside of the Muster audience?

The key audiences are:


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